The energy sector holds the key in accelerating India’s economic growth .As demand for energy in India is projected to grow at a steady rate; there is ample scope and opportunity for companies to invest in various streams of the Oil and Gas industry in the country. With its increased refining capacity and exports of petroleum products, India has begun to attract various private sector companies including the foreign companies to venture into this stream.

    We help power, oil, natural gas, and utility companies to boost top- and bottom-line performance as per regulation, technology, and environmental concerns.


    Indian chemical industry is expected to register a growth of 8-9% in the next decade and is expected to double its share in global chemical industry by 2021.

    We can help emerging and established players in the industry to chart a well-planned strategic roadmap to tap the various opportunities going forward. We will also help in achieving industry-leading performance.


    The mining sector is an important segment of the Indian economy and along with the quarrying sector contributes significantly to the country’s economy.

    We help leading metals and mining enterprises to manage and grow profitably.


    Governments today are moving towards a more citizen-centric and performance-based delivery model.

    We can help Government and Public Sector Enterprises to fill the gap with the industry, as well as to gather the intelligence needed to support policy and program development, to enter into partnerships with the Private sector and to enhance operational efficiency.


    The financial services sector in India is dominated by commercial banks which have more than 60 per cent share of the total assets; other segments include mutual funds, insurance firms, non-banking institutions, cooperatives and pension funds. Presently, the country can claim to be one of the world’s most vibrant capital markets. In spite of the challenges that are still there, the sector’s future looks good.

    We blend deep international financial services experience with fact-based innovation to help you deliver market-leading results.


    India is today one of the top emerging markets in the global pharmaceutical scene. The sector is highly knowledge-based and its steady growth is positively affecting the Indian economy. The lifestyle segments such as cardiovascular, anti-diabetes, anti-depressants and anti-cancers will continue to be lucrative and fast growing .High margin injectables, dermatology, respiratory, biogenerics, complex generics, etc. have become areas of interest and most of the Indian pharma companies have been working on these niche drugs in order to optimise growth and margins.

    We work across various health segments, to help our clients deliver lasting results.


    The Indian aerospace and defence industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth with the industry sector on the threshold of entering a new era where it will assume increased responsibility to make the nation self-reliant in defence production. India is fast developing into a manufacturing hub for global aerospace corporations wanting to leverage India’s proven skills in cost-efficient manufacturing, talent base, product design and IT competitiveness.

    We bring industry and operations expertise to help commercial aerospace and defence agencies.


    Digitisation is expected to drive India’s communication, media and technology industry forward. The information technology (IT) and information technology enabled services (ITeS) industry has been one of the key driving forces fuelling India’s economic growth. Furthermore, Indian firms, across all other sectors, largely depend on the IT & ITeS service providers to make their business processes efficient and streamlined. Globalisation has had a profound impact in shaping the Indian IT industry with India capturing a sizeable chunk of the global market for technology sourcing and business services.

    We provide the precise mix of operational expertise, strategic foresight, and industry knowledge required to create solutions that work.


    Infrastructure is a crucial component of companies’ ability to maintain their supply chains, and of nations’ economic development and sustainability.

    We prepare a strong strategic plan to make sure that money is being spent in the right places for the right projects. We assist in project management, including managing the scope, schedule, budget, risk, documents, planning, and reporting. We also help you develop a strategy for contract management.


    We work in both domestic networks and international logistics as we help companies design and implement their global strategies. Diligent planning is necessary to get the most from this growth.

    We advise our clients on all aspects, from developing market outlooks and forecasts to performing demographic studies to identifying the next big market.


    Capturing the returns from a successful acquisition begins with systematically addressing all relevant strategic and operational areas. We help you get the most out of those make-or-break 100 days after a deal close. We use creative, tailored approaches to help companies identify the appropriate strategies and the right mix of strategies to capture the most value. We help clients create value by focusing on both – bottom-line restructuring of operations, supply chains, and purchase functions as well as top-line sales growth, profitability, investments, brand equity, intellectual capital, and other sources of sustainable growth and long-term competitiveness.

    Thus, we support investors both in short-term restructurings and in creating a long-term structural advantage.


    Transformation methodology can help build stronger organizations, including capabilities, market responsiveness, competitive differentiation, productivity, and cost advantages. We work with our clients to deliver large-scale transformations.

    We work with companies to improve sales. We help our clients define the right sales strategies within the context of changing markets, customers, products, and technologies, while always keeping in mind the unique requirements of each organization.


    Matching supply with demand both economically and sustainably is an increasingly complex issue in this fast-moving world. We work with you to define the optimal plant network and product-to-plant allocations to improve customer service and market penetration while maximizing returns.

    We align the business and manufacturing strategies and develop operating models best suited to your organizations.


    Our works with consumer goods companies are to tackle several key digital trends. Data analytics can be used to improve the customer experience. Mobile integration with consumers leads to most of the solutions on their phones. Digital marketing make access to younger consumers and create tailored content for them. Customers’ demands for seamless, 360-degree service across retail channels impacts consumer goods makers and gives them an opportunity to create more meaningful connections and long-lasting brand value.

    We help the consumer products companies to optimize performance, boost earnings and sustain profitable growth.


    The Indian retail industry has presently emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries as several players have started to enter the market. E-commerce is also expected to be the next major area for retail growth in India. Along with this, achieving profitable growth and inventory management are major areas of focus for the retail companies in India.

    We help our clients develop forward-looking solutions to meet today’s unprecedented challenges.